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The second ACP release is quite the musical departure from the previous CD. It is a fusion/rock/blues album featuring tight instrumental arrangements and powerful vocal performances, with some inspired sax, guitar and keyboard solos scattered throughout.

The debut CD by The Alan Craig Project showcases some extremely talented musicians covering several styles of music. Check out the slideshow below for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album.

This CD of original music by Alan Craig, Charlie Morris and Devin Rice was released in 2008 after nearly 20 years in the making. They played music in the Tampa Bay area for many years and were involved in several bands together including Lotus, Full House and the St. Pete Mountain Boys.

WANTED: The St. Pete Mountain Boys, for the murder of respectable bluegrass songs, and theft of traditional bluegrass ideas. If armed with stringed instruments, consider them extremely dangerous. Big reward!

Welcome to Alan Craig's website and the home of The Alan Craig Project CDs, as well as the Al's Pals and St. Pete Mountain Boys albums. Information is provided about each of the projects along with downloadable tracks and other content. The site is updated frequently so stay tuned.

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A Day Late released!

Click here to learn more about A Day Late, the latest CD from The Alan Craig Project.

The latest CD by The Alan Craig Project is now available. A Day Late, the third ACP album, effortlessly brings together seemingly disparate styles of music and an eyebrow-raising list of musicians that you might not expect to hear playing together on the same work. Years in the making each track explores different musical terrain with an ear to understanding what itís like to truly enjoy music. It can be found on all the major retail music sites, or you can eliminate the middle man entirely and purchase it right here. ;-)


"Alan Craig is a Tampa Bay musician, songwriter, and producer who favors, on "A Day Late," his third release, perky pop, uptempo blues, kicky rock and roll, and whatever crosses his mind when he ducks into the studio..." Check out the complete FAME review for A Day Late.

-Mark S. Tucker, Music Critic, has written for numerous national indie and newsrack magazines and websites over the past 20 years: Sound Choice, i/e, Progression, Expose, On Reflection, Camera Obscura, OPtion, Perfect Sound Forever, and others.

"Stellar musicianship and a grasp of a variety of rock styles make the Alan Craig Project's " ... A Day Late" a solid and enjoyable effort. With guests including Damon Fowler, Gumbi Ortiz and The Band's Garth Hudson, Craig's definitely got connections as well."

-Curtis Ross, Independent Music Critic and former Pop Music Critic for the Tampa Tribune

"What happens when you take a roomful of the regionís finest veteran musicians, invite some national touring masters, give them some excellent new original material and -- stand back! ďA Day LateĒ is nothing short of extraordinary."

-Maggie Council, Musician

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