Love Is Today, the debut CD by The Alan Craig Project, was recorded and mixed at Panda Productions in Clearwater, Florida during 2007 and 2008. It was mastered at Fullersound in Miami, Florida in late 2008 and officially released on April 21, 2009.

Liner Notes

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1. Already Dead (3:39)

2. Victim of Circumstance (2:49)

3. Alone (2:48)

4. Walkin'(4:13)

5. Haitian Vacation (3:29)

6. Don't Want to Be (4:47)

7. The Immigrant (4:27)

8. The Party (3:31)

9. Love is Today (4:41)

10. Reflection (4:08)

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Liner Notes

Produced by Alan Craig, George Harris and Ross Rice

Recorded and mixed by George Harris at Panda Productions, Clearwater, Florida

Mastered by Michael Fuller at Fullersound, Miami, Florida

Assistant Sound Engineers: Brian Seachrist and Rob McDowell

Cover Art and Design by Elaine Gibson

1. Already Dead

(David Bawel & David Walsh)

2. Victim of Circumstance

(Alan Craig & Michael Thornburgh)

3. Alone

(David Bawel)

4. Walkin’

(Alan Craig & David Bawel)

5. Haitian Vacation

(Alan Craig & Michael Thornburgh)

6. Don’t Want to Be

(David Bawel, George Harris & Alan Craig)

7. The Immigrant

(Alan Craig & Michael Thornburgh)

8. The Party

(Alan Craig & Charlie Morris)

9. Love is Today

(Alan Craig & Michael Thornburgh)

10. Reflection

(Alan Craig)

Alan Craig - Bass and Rhythm Guitars

George Harris - Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Dave Reinhardt - Drums and Percussion

Ross Rice - Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals, Bass on 9 and 10, Rhythm Guitar and Human Percussion on 1 and Accordion on 7

David Bawel - Lead and Background Vocals

Rob McDowell - Bass on 4 and 5

Kyle Rohde - Lead Vocal on 8 and Background Vocal on 2

Charlie Morris - Guitars on 2 except solo

Devin Rice - Harmonica and Banjo on 1

Todd Bowman - Mandolin on 7

Steve Middents - Trumpet on 7 and 8

Ronnie Dee - Tenor and Baritone Saxophone on 8

T. C. Carr - Blues Harp on 8

Mike Thornburgh and I each lost a sibling and a parent in recent years, and that already had us thinking how short life really is. When we suddenly lost one of our closest friends to cancer, we decided to write a new song to help us through the grieving process. That led to a new album including other recent material as well as some older tunes that were never produced properly. Love is Today is fondly dedicated to our good friend, Thomas M. Pleasants. He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him as he was a gentle and soft spoken individual with a razor sharp wit and a true love for music, sports, fine cuisine and his family and friends. We were all blessed to have known him.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my family, especially my lovely wife, Vanessa. Without her support and encouragement this project would not have been possible. My kids Melissa, Patrick and Jenna were also very supportive and I really appreciate their patience and indulgence with the countless iterations of mixes. My father and biggest fan (i.e., only fan), Frank, used to play songs on the guitar and piano to me when I was little. I am very thankful for his support all these years as well as for the inspiration to pick up an instrument in the first place.

I would also like to thank the following people for their support and friendship; Mike and Marsha Thornburgh, Dave Bawel, Todd and Mindy Bowman, Devin Rice, Charlie Morris and Denise Bonjour, Ross Rice and Jamaine Bell, Chris Rogers and Elaine Gibson, Gail and Marina Pleasants, Dave Ritchey, Timyn and Jenna Rice, Todd and Nancy Ragsdale, Nancy Watson, Viki Pettijohn-Craig, Jerry and Carmen Long, Jack and Camille Burkard, Ed and Kathy Cryer, Richard Franco and Diana Arbelaez and George Harris and Bridget Burke.

Alan Craig – 2009