Not Black & White, the second CD by The Alan Craig Project, was recorded and mixed at Panda Productions in Clearwater, Florida during 2008 and 2009. It was mastered at Fullersound in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in mid-2010 and officially released on September 30, 2010.

Liner Notes

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1. Panda-monium (2:47)

2. Don't Come Back (5:33)

3. Lowdown And Dirty (4:33)

4. Had My Jam (4:47)

5. Tribute To Timmy (3:20)

6. The Voo (2:39)

7. Not Black & White (5:12)

8. Lyin' Dog (3:54)

9. Pressure Drop (3:52)

10. One More (3:26)

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Liner Notes

Produced by Alan Craig and George Harris

Recorded and mixed by George Harris at Panda Productions, Clearwater, Florida

Mastered by Michael Fuller at Fullersound, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Assistant Sound Engineers: Brian Seachrist and Alan Craig

Cover Art and design by Elaine Gibson

1. Panda-Monium

(Alan Craig & George Harris)

2. Don't Come Back

(Alan Craig & Michael Thornburgh)

3. Lowdown And Dirty

(George Harris, Rob McDowell, Dave Reinhardt & Ross Rice)

4. Had My Jam

(George Harris & Kyle Rohde)

5. Tribute To Timmy

(Alan Craig)

6. The Voo

(Ross Rice & George Harris)

7. Not Black & White

(George Harris & Ross Rice)

8. Lyin' Dog

(Devin Rice)

9. Pressure Drop

(Alan Craig & Michael Thornburgh)

10. One More

(Charlie Morris & Ross Rice)

Alan Craig - Bass and Rhythm Guitars

George Harris - Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Dave Reinhardt - Drums and Percussion

Ross Rice - Keyboards, Percussion on 2, Guitar on 6 and Lead and Background Vocals on 8

Kyle Rohde - Lead Vocal on 2, 4 and 9

Rob McDowell - Bass on 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10

Ronnie Dee - Saxophones on 1, 3, 5, 6 and 9

Charlie Morris - Dobro on 8, Lead Vocal, Rhythm and Slide Guitar on 10

Devin Rice - Rhythm Guitar on 8

T. C. Carr - Blues Harp on 8

Rob Stoney - B-3 solo on 4

Mike Thornburgh - Lyricist

I started recording material for Love Is Today in late 2007, and before long I had more than an album’s worth of songs. It made sense to group the tunes into different projects given the variation in musical styles, and so Not Black & White was born. With a couple of exceptions it features the same musicians from Love Is Today, however, it was more collaborative and even includes some songs that were spontaneously written and recorded in the same session. It would not have been possible without the valuable contributions from this very talented group of artists.

I would like to thank my family for their love and support: Vanessa, Melissa, Patrick, Jenna and Frank. I would also like to thank the Mastry family for their love and kindness through the years: Helen, David, Daniel, Anne and Ashley Cook. The multi-talented Tony Mastry may no longer be with us, but he continues to serve as an inspiration to me.

Finally, I would like to recognize the following people that gave me more than I can ever hope to repay: Oran and Ima Jean Huff, Bud and Louise Long, Cecil and Hazel Baker, Cecil and Josephine Gillum, and of course Daphene Craig and Richard Craig.

Alan Craig – 2010