The St. Pete Mountain Boys released their self-titled debut album on December 3, 2002. It was recorded by Alan Craig and Charlie Morris at Surf Sound Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida and then mixed and mastered by George Harris at Panda Productions in Clearwater, Florida.

Liner Notes
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1. Mornings Were Sunny (3:09)

2. Time To Leave (2:27)

3. Lullaby (2:58)

4. Skyway Breakdown (2:57)

5. Mr. American (4:35)

6. Black Dog Hill (3:57)

7. Do What It Takes (5:20)

8. Guinessis (3:34)

9. The Slave's Story (4:10)

10. Keep This Train A-Rollin' (2:28)

11. Easy Way (3:30)

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Liner Notes

Produced by Alan Craig, Charlie Morris, Devin Rice and Todd Bowman

Recorded by Alan Craig and Charlie Morris at Surf Sound Studio, St. Petersburg, Florida

Mixed and Mastered by George Harris at Panda Productions, Clearwater, Florida

Cover Art and Design by Devin Rice

This project is dedicated to my brother, Richard Lee Craig (February 9, 1952 - March 17, 2002).

1. Morings Were Sunny

(Charlie Morris)

2. Time to Leave

(Devin Rice)

3. Lullaby

(Charlie Morris)

4. Skyway Breakdown

(Devin Rice)

5. Mr. American

(Charlie Morris)

6. Black Dog Hill

(Devin Rice)

7. Do What it Takes

(Charlie Morris)

8. Guinessis

(Devin Rice and Todd Bowman)

9. The Slave's Story

(Charlie Morris)

10. Keep This Train A-Rollin'

(Devin Rice)

11. Easy Way

(Alan Craig)

Todd Bowman - Mandolin and Background Vocals

Alan Craig - Bass, Guitar and Background Vocals

Charlie Morris - Guitar, Tin Whistle, Lead and Background Vocals

Devin Rice - Banjo, Lead and Background Vocals

Gary Doyle - Fiddle on 5 and 7

John Hart - Fiddle on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9

Jeff Martin - Percussion on 11

Dean Zawacki - Guitar and Background Vocals on 2