Hammered By The Blues Show 253 by alanrcraig

Palm Coast Jazz Episode 10 by alanrcraig

Alan Craig is a musician, songwriter and producer that has been playing and writing music nearly his entire life. While he leans toward Rock, he has a keen appreciation of many other styles of music. Alan was raised overseas and lived primarily in Asia and South America until he returned to the US to attend college. He resides in the Tampa Bay area where he has been performing in bands for many years as a bass and guitar player. Lotus, The St. Pete Mountain Boys and Full House (which later became the Charlie Morris Band), are just some of the bands he played in. He had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing musicians along the way as well as participate in several recording projects, some of these he either produced or co-produced: A Day Late (2013), Not Black & White (2010), Love Is Today (2009), Al's Pals (2008), and The St. Pete Mountain Boys (2002). He was also Executive Producer of the debut release by Tampa's Own Soup Bone (2011).

The latest ACP album, A Day Late, is an electric eclectic mix of Pop, Rock, Funk and Blues. In addition to the core band from the previous two projects (i.e., Harris, Rice and Reinhardt), it features an amazing ensemble of musicians including: Garth Hudson (The Band), Gumbi Ortiz (Al DiMeola), Manny Yanes (Patti LaBelle, Edwin McCain), Maggie Council, Gale Trippsmith, Kyle Rohde, David Bawel, Jimmy Goodman, Rob McDowell, Lori Cherry, Adam Shoemaker, Patrick Bettison, Rob Stoney, Leroy Myers, Bryan Hughes and Damon Fowler (courtesy of Blind Pig Records). The reviews are looking pretty good so far, so be sure to check out what all the fuss is about.

The second project, Not Black & White, is a blend of Rock, Blues and Fusion. It features a mix of instrumental and lyrical tunes and is loaded with sax, guitar and keyboard solos. Once again, the level of musicianship is top-notch given the very talented players who participated in the project. The primary lineup includes Ross Rice (keyboards), George Harris (guitars) and Dave Reinhardt (drums & percussion). These guys have performed collectively with the likes of Peter Frampton, Brian Johnson, Ron Wood, Joe Walsh, Rick Derringer, Robin Zander, Don Felder, Buck Dharma, Joe Lynn Turner, Donald “Duck” Dunn, Steve Cropper, Adrian Belew, Mark Farner, Richard Elliot and many others. Other musicians on the CD include Kyle Rohde, Rob McDowell, Charlie Morris, Devin Rice, T.C. Carr, Ronnie Dee and Rob Stoney, all outstanding players in their own right. Two of the songs written for this album, Had My Jam and The Voo, spawned alternate versions that are featured on the latest projects by Tampa's Own Soup Bone and New York-based Voodelic, respectively.

The debut release, Love Is Today, was truly a labor of love. It was inspired by the loss of a dear friend, Tom Pleasants, who succumbed to cancer in 2007. Alan teamed up with long-time friend and lyricist, Mike Thornburgh, to write a song in memory of Tom and a new album ensued. It is difficult to categorize this CD since each of the tunes draw from such different musical styles. It is basically a Rock album with some Reggae, Country, Tropical and Blues elements as well. What is constant, however, is the level of musicianship given the amazing ensemble of players who were involved in the project. The main lineup features Ross Rice (keyboards and vocals), George Harris (lead and rhythm guitars) and Dave Reinhardt (drums & percussion). Other musicians on the project include David Bawel, Kyle Rohde, Rob McDowell, Devin Rice, Charlie Morris, Todd Bowman, Ronnie Dee, T.C. Carr and Steve Middents.

All three albums are available at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and all the other major online music distribution sites.